idCheck by ID WatchdogWe may not be aware of it but everyday activities that we do are revealing our identities on cyberspace.  We could be making online purchases where we disclose our names, addresses and credit card numbers. We could be subscribing to newsletters and putting in our names and email addresses. Even normal activities such as using our credit cards or paying bills through the mail, when in the hands of the wrong people, can be abused. Online syndicates have become so sophisticated that identity theft has become even more virulent in the past years. You may not know it but your identity as well as credit card number or other personal information has already been stolen and is being used in some other part of the country or world without your knowledge. But, with idCheck by ID Watchdog, you now have the chance to check if your identity has indeed been stolen.

idCheck by ID Watchdog is the very first identity protection product (available only to U.S. citizens) that allows you to know immediately if an organized syndicate involved in identity theft has gained access to, and is using, your personal data. This is how it works. First, a questionnaire runs through your personal habits as part of a risk evaluation process to establish the areas that could put you at risk of identity theft. Next, idCheck by ID Watchdog scans thousands of consumer databases which are not normally accessible to individuals, to check if there are names or addresses associated with your social security number and produces an identity profile report. If the report shows any such associations which are unknown to you, that could be a red flag that your identity is being used illegally by someone. People at idCheck by ID Watchdog assist you by searching for patterns consistent with identity theft, show areas where you are at greatest risk, and provide you several recommendations on reducing that risk, either through direct suggestions or via a library of best practices.

With idCheck by ID Watchdog, it will take only between five to ten minutes for you to check if your identity is still safe or at risk.

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