The Grotto's On Fire™ Fireball incorporates the very latest in automatic fire prevention and extinguishing technology. Just simply place the Fireball in locations of potential hot spots. Once the Fireball comes in direct contact with a heat source exceeding 158°F or 70°C, it will automatically discharge after 3-5 seconds and extinguish the fire. The powder is made of totally harmless materials which have been certified to be safe to the environment.

The use of a traditional fire extinguisher can fails for several reasons. First and foremost is panic or a lack of experience on the part of the user regarding the proper use of the fire extinguisher. Next is persistence. To be most effective, the user needs to aim the fire extinguishers nozzle directly into the burning flames for a certain period of time for the chemicals to take effect. This period of time often exceeds the user’s ability and willingness to properly fight the fire. Weight is also an issue when dealing with small children and the elderly.

The Fireball was designed to prevent the rapid spread of fires from getting out of control, thus saving lives and property damage. All you need to do is place your Fireball near any number of potential hazardous area in your home. Works on wood, grease, chemical and electrical fires.

    Just place it and leave it anywhere you want for that extra level of security.

  • near circuit breaker boxes or electrical panels
  • water heaters
  • inside your Christmas tree
  • basements
  • stairwells
  • hallways
  • garage sheds next to gas tanks
  • attics
  • warehouses or storage facilities
  • even have one handy while camping outdoors
  • The Fireball is portable too. Place one in your car, boat, RV or other transportation vehicle.

The Fireball may even create a safe path for your escape; place one on your fire exit routes and practice with your children the safest ways to exit the home in case of an emergency. With its spherical design, a professional firefighter will simply throw or roll the Fireball into an existing fire when confronted with an egress or entrance situation. It works 24/7 providing you with total peace of mind.

  • Fully Automatic. NO pins to remove, NO triggers to depress, NO experience necessary.
  • Effectively extinguishes an A, B, or C rated fire, seconds after reaching a temperature of 158°F / 70°C.
  • Extinguishing range up to a 10'x10'x10' area
  • Easy to install - sits in its cradle free standing or wall mount
  • No yearly inspections required
  • 3 year shelf life
  • All natural and non-toxic dry powder is safe for you, your pets and the environment

The Fireball will offer you the fire protection you and your family need. It’s like having a fireman on duty year-round! CLICK HERE NOW to take that extra step towards your family's safety!

  • The latest security device for your home
  • Puts out dangerous fire quickly and safely
  • No batteries, no fuss and no experience needed
  • Protects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!