Many seniors want to have the freedom of living on their own for as long as they possibly can but even with the most able bodied seniors, it makes sense to have a reliable and easy to use means of communication like FreedomAlert.  No one wants to be relegated to an assisted living facility before they feel it’s their time, but in many cases its best to have the proper precautions in place for safety.

FreedomAlert allows you to instantly reach out to friends, family or emergency personnel at the push of a button if the need should arise.  FreedomAlert can easily be programmed to hold up to four numbers of people that can help you in the event of a fall or emergency situation that prevents you from getting to a phone.  Having the ability to instantly reach out to someone who can provide the help that you need in an emergency could make a huge difference in your ability to recover.

You can carry FreedomAlert with you anywhere you go with the convenient belt clip or lanyard so you’ll always be able to reach out to someone who can help in the event of an emergency.  The unit is small, easy to use and runs on a powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery so it will always be ready to use. The FreedomAlert pendant is even splash proof, so you can take it into the bathroom for extra security while you are in the shower or bath.

The FreedomAlert system provides the ultimate security, affordable security for senior citizens who want to live independently. You don’t have to worry about signing any kind of long term contract or pay some outrageous monthly fee in order to have the piece of mind provided by the FreedomAlert system, once you’ve paid for the cost of the equipment, you’ve got all the security you need to feel safe living independently.

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