The Door Anchor provides extra security to practically any door, anywhere. Even with a key, once the Door Anchor is in place, no one can open it. Discover the unique features of this door lock with this Door Anchor review.

The Door Anchor gives you security when you need it. Chain locks can be broken and sometimes doors don't have extra locks. When you place the Door Anchor, even if the person who is trying to open it has a key, they won't get in!

Check out this Door Anchor reviews video of this simple but highly effective door lock.

The Door Anchor requires no installation. Simply place one part in the door so when you close it, the Door Anchor will stay in place. Then you can 'anchor' the door knob when you want to. For example, you want to lock your office door but can't install an extra lock, the Door Anchor is the instant solution that you have been looking for.

The Door Anchor is portable. This is an excellent feature as you can take it along with you. You have the option to place it in any door in your home, office, or facility. The Door Anchor is a great thing to have when you are travelling and sleeping in a place that is not your own such as hotel. Since you have no control to who owns the key or a copy of it, it would be much better to secure the door with a Door Anchor while you are sleeping, resting, or lounging in the room.

The Door Anchor can used on practically any door with a knob. For the bathroom, the kitchen, or at the office, when you don't want anyone to step in, even if they have a key, this is the easy way to stop from getting disturbed. Don't get caught because of lack of being prepared for any eventuality - be ready! Don't allow anyone in with by using the added security that the Door Anchor give you.

More than the peace of mind the Door Anchor can give you, it provides you with protection. It is to your advantage to have the additional security that this unique product offers when you buy the Door Anchor.