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Everybody has their own struggle and there are problems that seem insurmountable. One of the most common issues is how to eat less to lose weight. If weight loss programs didn't work, it could be a mind-control issue.

Another obstacles that is difficult to hurdle is addiction. Be it to recreational drug or to smoking, a bad habit hard to quit. Some people were able to control themselves and quit cold turkey but there are many more who cannot.

Even after regular AA meetings and landing in jail for a DUI, one who loves to tipple can't seem to let go of the bottle.

How to control the mind?

We sit down and listed to motivational speeches. We read how-to books. We have all tried to make a schedule. Why do we sometimes fail to keep our New Year's resolution?

Some people say our body is weak. Yet, we control all our actions by out thoughts. If one can tap the 'unconscious' and make it help us control our actions and give us the motivation, success would be easier.

Wendi Friesen Hypnotherapist has more than 300 programs. One can choose to have a private session, an audio or video online programs, or get the program via iTunes or as iPhone apps.

The kind of programs Wendi Friesen has covers many concerns is all aspects of life. Be it a bad habit, a personality issues, health concern, relationship, or financial, hypnotherapy can help.

The 5 most popular programs are:

Alcohol Freedom
Zen of Thin
Quit Smoking
Hypnosis Diet CDs
Stop Procrastination

A few of the other hypnotherapy sessions are:

Stop Drugs
Quit Drinking
Creative Brilliance
Hypnotic Seduction
Persuasion and Influence
Become a Master Hypnotist
Financial Abundance
How to Spot a Liar
Sports Excellence

Each hypnotherapy program has a One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

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