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Most of the problems that we have may be cured by hypnotherapty. Many don’t believe this but the practice of hypnosis has been around the 3rd century BC in the healing Temple of Imhotep in Egypt that had a ritual known as ‘temple sleep’. In Austria during the 18th century, Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer (from which the word mesmerized originated from) developed a consistent method for hypnosis. This form of healing took limelight in the 1920’s when it was shown as a vaudeville act. As many famous hypnotherapists wrote books and taught classes, a polio victim, Milton Erickson established a technique for him to be able to overcome the pain and illness associated with this crippling disease.

Other hypnosis methods have been developed to address various needs such as alcoholism, drug dependence, smoking anxiety, memory enhancement, weight loss, anger management, the art of persuasion, sexual attraction, attract wealth, and playing the guitar - and all of these and more are what the mind-changing hypnotherapy sessions of Wendi.com may help you with.

We all feel the need to change and the people that we care for might be struggling to overcome a bad habit or have past experiences that don’t allow them to break free and enjoy life to the fullest.

One of the most popular hypnotheraphy lessons at Wendi.com is that of ‘Stop Procrastinating’. The tendency to put off things for a later time is main reason why once in a lifetime opportunities are missed. Another reason why many stop themselves from accomplishing me is the mindset that ‘it can’t be done’.

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