Reading the Bible can be boring to many people and oftentimes, our attention span is just too short to focus and concentrate. Even children may not always be motivated to read pure text from the Bible. Well, now, the Bible has come alive in a very dramatic way. What if you could actually hear the disciples of Jesus talking? How would you feel if you heard Jesus as He went through the Passion and uttered the words that we have come to know so well from the time he was arrested till His death? With The Bible Experience, you will not just read about, but actually hear, the entire New Testament word for word, in dramatic interpretation by an unprecendented ensemble of distinguished actors, musicians and personalities.

This set of The Bible Experience focuses on the New Testament. Your order includes 19 CDs filled with the entire New Testament executed dramatically by well-known artists such as Angela Bassett, Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson, LL Cool J, Eartha Kitt, Alfre Woodard and many more.  That’s not all. Your order includes a CD with “Speaking the Word of God Over Your Life Daily”, a DVD on “How to Study the Word Daily”, a DVD on “How to Apply the Word of God”, and a custom carrying case for all of these CDs/DVDs. Next to a huge motion picture production, this audio dramatization of the greatest story ever told is truly awesome.

Five influential Hollywood producers and a lot of divine inspiration made this project possible. Listen to the powerhouse delivery of all these superstars in their own right, hear the passion and dramatic intensity of the dialogue, listen to the cinematic score, and you almost get transported right into the situation. The cinematic score was produced by no less than Grammy-winning producers and performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The Bible Experience is also great for those studying theology or trying to read the Bible in a new way. It can also be used to capture the imagination of restless children and will actually keep them still and attentive while listening to the stories from the CDs.

Only The Bible Experience can give you a ringside seat to the New Testament like you’ve never experienced before. Once you begin listening to the audio, you will be drawn into the time of Christ, making your Bible experience that much more deep.

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