We are all living out our lives day by day with what we believe our lives are. But there are more important things we need to be made aware of and these are not always visible but are just as present as what we see. Whether we like it or not, our planet is changing and there is a consciousness and awareness that we have not really focused on because our reality has been our work, family, friends. But if you open your heart to what Silent Furnace – Heart Creation Supernova is saying, you will learn how it is to create from your heart.

Two people, Kacper and Josh, are behind this free webinar. What you will hear in this webinar will be totally different from everything you have heard in your life. Be prepared because this is going to be quite deep. It will be a spiritual awakening that will penetrate everything you perceived from the day you were born as “real” and where you will experience something utterly different spring forth and make you see life with a different set of eyes. And in this Silent Furnace – Heart Creation Supernova webinar, you will learn all about Heart Creation.

In each and everyone of us, there is a Toroidal Energetic Field which emanates from the heart. This energetic field can cover an area as far away as 5 miles from the heart. That is truly amazing! Peak research scientists such as Gregg Braden, and quantum physicists, have actually measured this field  and all agree that it is more powerful than the mind. The power of this field is believed to be as much as 5,000 times more than that of the brain and can affect everything that happens in one’s life. Your entire life is created from within this field so if you learn how to access it, then you can achieve more. But what the Silent Furnace – Heart Creation Supernova webinar will need from you is an open mind to see things differently as well as a willingness to let go of long-held beliefs.

It's an ancient way of existing in this world that is possible - where we navigate through life without trying to figure it all out but just going with the flow. Problems will take care of themselves and change all your relationships in life. Animals and people will tune in to this field surrounding you and respond to you differently from now on. It will help you do away with duality which is how we have always perceived life to be - good/bad, success/failure, rich/poor, and so on.

The Silent Furnace – Heart Creation Supernova webinar is free but slots are limited and allocated on a first-come, first serve basis. Hurry now, reserve your place in the webinar, and discover for yourself what Kacper and Josh discovered. Start your journey now.