No woman who has been in a relationship with a man will say that relationships are easy. You often hear women in new relationships saying things like, “Nobody understands me like he does” or “He always knows exactly what to do and say.” Then just a few months later, that same lady is already tired and frustrated, saying her man does not get her at all. Now, that is not to imply that men simply put their best foot forward at the start of a relationship (and that they start caring less once they get to know you) or that men are simply lousier than women are at being in a relationship. Men, of course, are definitely as capable of loving as women are. They just do things differently precisely because they are men and not women. Greg Sain’s e-book, WOOF! WOOF! Real Talk for Women about MEN, gives women the essential information they need to understand why their men think and act the way they do—and ultimately, the power to finally change their relationship for the better.

Women often make the mistake of consulting their girlfriends when they have “man trouble”. Now, girls are great listeners, and any gal pal will make a great shoulder to cry on, but that does not make them any more knowledgeable when it comes to dissecting and understanding the male brain. The only thing worse than a lack of guidance is faulty guidance—and this is almost always the kind that women get from fellow women when they are asking for advice each time they are in rough spot with their partner.

At this point you might think, so why don’t I just ask a guy friend for advice instead? This might sound logical, but it’s easier said than done. The truth is, in an effort to be a gentleman, your guy friends will most likely sugar-coat whatever they tell you to avoid hurting your feelings. They might even downplay your problem, telling you, “It’s probably nothing. Don’t worry about it too much.” But women don’t need nice-sounding half-truths if they want to move forward with their relationships; they need to hear the whole truth. The sooner that women realize how and why men react and respond to different situations the way they do, the sooner they are able to create a healthy relationship free of resentment and disappointment.

If you constantly find yourself in and out of failed relationships, have ever had trouble understanding the men in your life, or find it impossible communicating with your partner without losing you cool (or your mind, for that matter), WOOF! WOOF! Real Talk for Women about MEN will definitely get you back on the right track to finding fulfilment with your current or—if you’re single—future partner.

Stop “making do” with your so-so relationships and make way for a great love life today. Get your copy of WOOF! WOOF! Real Talk for Women about MEN now!