WedSimple has an online wedding planner with wedding website with an UNLIMITED package for less than $7 a month. Take it on a FREE Trial with this WedSimple review's promo to use for yourself or to give as a gift.

Planning a wedding online and announcing it has been made easy and highly affordable by WedSimple. This WedSimple review presents to any couple, even for same-sex weddings, the most practical choice with the MOST features among all!

Even the simplest wedding with a few hand-picked guests needs to be planned carefully without having to hire an expensive wedding planner! And, every detail of your wedding is to be planned by you, not someone else who might railroad you to creating a wedding that is not your dream. WebSimple gives you the option to share the online wedding planner with family and friends so they can be part of it, too!

Go high-tech and do it online to organize what needs to be done, create the wedding you have always dreamed about, get to budget it, and announce the wedding with your very own website!

There are 4 WedSimple Packages to pick from. Note that if the wedding date is more than 12 months way, the ideal one to use is the Unlimited Package as it may be used for up to 2 months after the wedding. Compute the savings if you get the Unlimited WedSimple Package which means you will be only spending $6.67 a month!

Unlimited Package Price: $80
12 Months Package Price: $60
6 Months Package Price: $40
1 Month Single Payment: $10

WebSimple online wedding planning features include:

Guest list
Email blasts
RSVP status
Facebook application
Meal preferences
Table planning
Music suggestions (iTunes)
Same-sex marriage support

What you get with WebSimple is a Build at Your Own Pace wedding website with 24-7 support are totally wonderful such as:

Your own domain name
Online RSVP
Our story
The proposal
Picture gallery
Message center
Music playlist
Visitor counter
Wedding party
Youtube video
A Blog
Countdown to wedding day
Maps and directions
Out-of-town information
International support

You can choose from 80 wedding website designs.

WebSimple has more to make your wedding the best including accesses to online vendors. Plus, WedSimple will give you a Keepsake CD. Want to use a wedding planner that has UNLIMITED everything? Get the FREE 7 day trial.

It's so exciting to plan a wedding but there are so much details that go into making sure everything will go perfectly. As the special day gets nearer, things become more hectic but with online tools of WedSimple, the burden is going to be lifted off your shoulders and professionally planned by you so that longed-for dream wedding can come true!