Millionaires, beauty queens, famous musicians and movie stars will be the first to tell you that nobody’s life is perfect. Everyone always has at least one aspect in their life that they want to work on, be it their financial situation, social life, relationship status, health issues, or emotional and spiritual well-being. Many people try to remedy these “problem areas” through ineffective external solutions, and there is often the same sad outcome: a lack of fulfillment. The reason for this is simple; to fix something, you must go straight to the root of the problem. This is what Dr. Joe Rubino kept in mind when he created The Total Self-Esteem System. This electronic manual allows you to transform your life simply by transforming the most crucial factor determining your success in all areas of your life: your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem affects your decision making more than you might think. Someone struggling with finances, believing that where he or she is in life at the moment is not looking too good, might try to take a shortcut or make a rash decision out of desperation, ultimately ending up more in debt than before. (Conversely, a person with low self-esteem may also procrastinate excessively, getting nowhere with anything he starts.) Someone who is lacking meaningful friendships may try to replace quality with quantity in order to feel more popular, widening his social circle, yet all these could be just shallow friendships. In the process, he ends up feeling lonelier than ever when he has fewer friends. A person always in and out of failed relationships may complain that his partner is unable to accept him for who he is, when this may actually stem from the fact that he himself is unhappy with who he is.

The Total Self-Esteem System allows you to do a complete turnaround in your life by teaching you to drop bad habits and pessimistic thoughts, overcome nervousness, negative experiences and fears, and use both your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage. It is all-around yet specific at the same time, allowing individuals to use the same simple solution to address their own personal weaknesses.

Understandably, some individuals might be cynical about The Total Self-Esteem System. What if it doesn’t work for me? What if I want to be sure? There are, after all, many seemingly impressive programs out there that turn out to be nothing but pricey let-downs. Well, Dr. Joe Rubino is so confident that anyone will find sure-fire success with the program that anyone can try the program for 60 days with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Complete satisfaction or your money back—so you need not worry about wasting money on something you’re not completely happy with.