Online dating can be fun, but it can also be risky if you simply rely on pictures on the internet to meet prospective dates. To ensure safe online dating for people who are looking for real dates, and perhaps lasting relationships, use FlipMe. It is a dating website which gives you the opportunity of handing real people a dating card with cute and sexy sentences which express your thoughts through written words to entice and encourage the other person to reply to you immediately through email.

FlipMe gives online dating a new meaning. This dating technique is a unique tool to be used by shy individuals to approach people without peer pressure or embarrassment. FlipMe has 10 different sets of dating cards which come in a deck of 12 cards per set. Three (3) possible techniques are recommended to help you make the first move. The first technique is the Slick Slicker, which means that you simply slide the card across the bar to get the attention of your prospective date. The second technique is the Wing Man, wherein you let your friend hand over the card to the prospective date. The third technique is the Flip n Run, where you yourself hand over the card to the prospective date, stay a bit longer for him/her to recognize you, and then slip away. Whichever technique you use or come up with, FlipMe will certainly get your prospective date wondering about you which, in turn, will get you positive results for a great date.

If you want to put more fun and meaning into your dating techniques, you can also opt to pass the cards together with a group of friends. Reunions, social gatherings, and even conferences may be a good venue to meet new friends, lovers, and even lifetime partners. Start using FlipMe to bring in the fun of online dating and see how it transforms your life.

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