TK6000 by netTalkWhen utility bills are skyrocketing, you always want to see how you can cut back on some costs. Well, here’s one. How would you like to use your internet plan with a simple device and be able to make unlimited local and long distance phone calls with it absolutely free within the United States and Canada? Just imagine that. You can cut down significantly on those phone bills and still be able to stay connected with friends and family you have in these two countries. Check out the TK6000 by netTalk.

The TK6000 by netTalk is a tiny device that you purchase for a one-time fee (no such thing as yearly charges).This device is then plugged into your high-speed internet on one end (directly into the router or through the computer’s USB port) and to your home phone on the other end. When you get the TK6000 by netTalk you receive FREE 3-way calling, FREE conference calling, FREE voice messages to your e-mail, and your free U.S. phone number is local! You can call from your TK6000 from overseas to any U.S. or Canada phone number for free. Another benefit of the TK6000 by netTalk over its competitors is that you need not have a running computer in order to make and receive calls. Think of the electricity you save! You can also forget about worrying whether your computer would go to sleep, making you fail to take that important call. It can even be used for faxing, dial-up VPN/ISPs and satellite providers. Free directory assistance also comes with your purchase of the TK6000 by netTalk.

Calls made with TK6000 by netTalk are very clear and there is no time limit to each call. You can talk for hours on end with your friends and family worry-free. There is really no reason to wait. Go out and get your very own TK6000 by netTalk.

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