telewhoIf you are itching to find out who called you with the help of their telephone number or simply want information on a particular phone number, you just might be able to trace it using the services of . Finding numbers and information on phone users can be extremely tricky and cumbersome on the internet. The vast pool of resources and websites with multiple pages along with difficult to navigate information make it tedious to nail down exact details about a phone number online.

Telewho lets you find comprehensive information on any phone number including particulars about the caller’s identity and address using details like the area code, the prefix and the actual phone number.

The site is easy to navigate and well-categorized, with a simple yet comprehensive and effective design that fosters quick access to information on any specific number.’s home page itself lists all the states with their area codes for a speedy glance. Once you click on the area codes, you are taken to a page that lists the area codes with the different city codes that are neatly categorized in an alphabetical order. Apart from exchange regions in the United States, one can also access details on phone numbers in Canadian cities.

The easy listing layout for all the states combined with a clutter free interface makes the information easy to access.

Compared to expensive private investigator fees that can be highly impractical if all you are looking for is details on a single number or unpredictable search engines that may or may not give you the results you want, Telewho’s services are reasonable and professional. Since there are very few players in the market for online phone directories, it is a herculean task to first find these directories before you get down to finding the actual numbers. offers a less complicated, inexpensive, comfortable and reliable way of finding details on a phone number.

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