SkypeYour phone bill is absolutely killing you, just for local calls you end up paying thirty or forty dollars a month – if you add a few features to your plan and long distance you could end up paying close to a hundred dollars a month for just your land line.

Skype lets you make unlimited calls to anywhere in the US or Canada, to landlines or cell phones, for just $2.95 a month. If you have friends and family internationally – you can get unlimited calls to landline worldwide for just $12.95 per month – that’s probably less than it would cost for just one or two phone calls internationally from your current phone provider.

Making outrageously cheap calls is just the beginning of your options with Skype, you get voicemail, call forwarding and you can even text. You can use your Skype account from anywhere, so you’ll get the same great low rate even while you are traveling and there is no change in cost regardless of what time of day you call – when it says unlimited calls, it means unlimited calls, day or night.

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Skype is free and easy to get, just a quick download and you can start saving money right away by breaking away from your current phone provider. You can pay for Skye by the month or you can pay as you go, whatever you’re comfortable with – there are no installation fees, no cancellation fees and no contract necessary.

It doesn’t matter if you make fifty calls a day or five calls a month, if you currently have traditional phone service in your home you are paying too much – you can replace your existing phone service with Skype and get the very same quality service for a fraction of the price.

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