Why tie yourself to a postpaid cell phone plan that locks you in for a couple of years and makes you pay a fixed amount per month when you may not always use a mobile phone or are on a limited budget? Then what you need to look into are Prepaid Cell Phone Offers. You not only get to choose your phone from their selection but you also get to select the prepaid service plan that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Pay only for what you actually use and not much more.

Postpaid plans always involve locked-in periods ranging from a year to as long as two years. In addition, once you have chosen a service plan, you are bound to pay the fixed monthly fee for the duration of the locked-in period even if your usage varies from month to month. If your mobile usage is not the same every month or you are on a strict or limited budget, Prepaid Cell Phone Offers give you the flexibility you won’t get from postpaid plans.

  • Freedom – No contracts, no locked-in period. Prepaid Cell Phone Offers frees you from long-term commitments.
  • Value for money – If you think that having a postpaid plan is cheaper than a prepaid plan, think again. Many times, a postpaid service plan includes features that you may never ever need. With Prepaid Cell Phone Offers, you have the chance to select a service plan for a short-term period, then shift to another service plan as your need dictates. You can get an unlimited call & text plan for as long as 30 days; or if you just need to be able to call an emergency number or don't need unlimited calling, choose a RealPayGo plan that buys you a certain number of minutes of calls valid for a specified period.
  • Economical – When you can pick and choose your service plan according to your immediate needs, that saves you money rather than get stuck with a fixed monthly fee.

When you avail of Prepaid Cell Phone Offers, you are able to first choose the cell phone of your choice, like the Blackberry Curve 8330. It will be activated and a local phone number will be assigned to it. Next, your mobile will be loaded with the service plan you choose. Lastly, your phone gets shipped to you for free. Use it as soon as you receive it!

Relish the freedom of Prepaid Cell Phone Offers and save money while still enjoying the perks of a mobile phone. Get yours today.