You need not be tied to a postpaid plan just to be able to avail of a wireless mobile plan. Enjoy the freedom from long lock-in periods, proof of good creditmstanding and voluminous documents being required before your postpaid plan gets approved. With PlatinumTel Wireless, you can get the exact wireless phone and plan that would fit your needs and budget.

Nowadays, having a cellular phone with you all the time is no longer one of luxury but one of necessity. This is true for people who travel a lot on work-related matters and need to communicate with their colleagues or families often. Elderly folks need to be able to reach families any time, anywhere for emergencies. Even young children who go off on travels or school field trips often need to be able to call home. And the need to have a wireless phone does not spare even those who are on very limited budgets or do not have the credentials to qualify for a postpaid plan. This is where PlatinumTel Wireless fills the gap.

Mobile phones from PlatinumTel Wireless may be either new or refurbished. Prices can come as low as $29.99 but for those who have a higher budget, you can even get a new Android phone with a free Bluetooth headset for about $249.99. There are several wireless plans (for calls, texts and data) to choose from, depending on your usage. The Real Paygo plan, for example, gives the lowest pay-as-you-go-anywhere rates at 5 cents per minute for calls, 2 cents per SMS and 10 cents per megabyte. There are other plans offering unlimited call and text. The hybrid plan features unlimited texts on weekends, low peak rates, international dialing, 3G connections and others, just like a contract plan without the contract. And, perfect for immigrants is the international dialing plan that gives the lowest call rates to other countries so you stay in touch with family while adapting to your new homeland.

Stay connected to friends, family and work without being bothered by fixed monthly rates, long lock-in contract periods and other details when you go with PlatinumTel Wireless. It is prepaid plans at its best.

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