Pingo International Prepaid Calling CardIf you are doing business that requires frequent international calls or if you have family and friends living in different parts of the world, there's now an international prepaid calling card that is sure to save you a lot of money on calling long distance. The Pingo International Prepaid Calling Card provides you with a prepaid calling card service that brings quality, convenience and great service at very competitive calling rates today.

Whether you are simply calling another state or calling someone on another continent, Pingo International Prepaid Calling Card will make it so easy and affordable for you to call any time of the day or night. Once signed up to Pingo, you just need to dial the local or toll-free access number of the country you are trying to reach.  At the voice prompt, just enter your account number and PIN, dial country code and phone number, press #, and you are connected. It's as simple as that. In fact, you can opt to use PINpass which allows you to register the phone you use most often to call (whether it's a landline or mobile) so that you never have to input the account number and PIN every time you make a call. That saves you two steps in the entire calling process. Speed dialing features further allow you to program up to 25 frequently called numbers so that you can call it by keying in just one or two numbers. With Pingo International Prepaid Calling Card, there are no hidden charges. The rate you see is the rate used when you call. It also has an Auto-Recharge option for even more convenience.

Now you can call as frequently as you wish to anyone abroad knowing that your calls will give you 100% satisfaction.

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