reviewHello World! This review is to find out if Pingo is truly the “The Last Calling Card You’ll Ever Need” according to the Pingo company's slogan. Are there other advantages when you use these cheap prepaid calling cards? According to our Pingo review, there are. As we did our review, we looked into their claim of selling the cheapest international phone cards and their rates are low but are the prepaid phone cards really the cheapest one? Read this review as there is more to Pingo than cheap prepaid calling cards, there may be an opportunity for you to get some free Pingo calls. review is your way to call up people using cheap prepaid calling cards and among all the rest of the prepaid phone cards, it provides you with the cheapest international phone cards. The Pingo prepaid calling cards are not just any ordinary card that you can buy from the store as all you need to get to buy cheap prepaid calling cards from Pingo is a computer with Internet access.

As we did our Pingo review, we found out that there are a few easy steps that you have to take to buy cheap prepaid calling cards. The first step would be to sign up. The sign up is standard yet much to our delight  as we conducted our review, there is a $5 bonus* on $10 sign up and a $10 bonus* on $20 sign up. We could hardly wait to make a cheap international call which it technically free because of the sign up bonus and did make a few international calls as part of our review.

All excited from getting 50% of our initial outlay for free simply by us signing up to avail of the cheap prepaid calling cards, we even made a surprise international call to our missionary friend that was based in India. It was quite easy to dial the toll-free access number and to register the phone to the PINpass so that it only has to be done once, and then we dialed the country code and number of our friend in India. Then we found out that we had another way to use the cheap prepaid calling cards and that was through the computer.

So we made another call again but this time it was a long-distance call. Not yet content, we made another international call to the Philippines. When we computed how much we had spent chatting on the phone by looking at our online account balance, we discovered that we were able to save up to 90% off the regular international call rates with the service of Now here comes the part of our review that you might also find quite interesting. If you refer a friend to sign up and start using the cheap prepaid calling cards, you make money and the details can be obtained at the Pingo website.

With the calling rate of 1.8 cents a minute for international calls when you use the Pingo Soft Phone feature, the prepaid phone cards that you get are the cheapest international phone cards as the Pingo rates are much cheaper that other sites that we checked while doing our review.

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