The Magic Jack is a USB device that you can plug a phone line into to make phone calls from your home over the internet.

I have been excited about ordering Magic Jack since I first heard about it on TV.
When I finally went to order Magic Jack online, the website said it would take 15 days or so, but I got my Magic Jack in just a few days.

Magic Jack hooks up to a normal house phone so you can make calls, but since I did not have a home phone, I waited a few days until I bought a phone to plug in the Magic Jack USB device.

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When you first plug in the Magic Jack into your computer, the setup software pops up which takes just a minute to put in your info and then you can pick your own phone number.

After the initial set up, all you have to do is plug in Magic Jack to your computer to start making phone calls over the internet. I though I needed a regular phone to use Magic Jack but this is not true.

You can make calls with Magic Jack using your computer microphone and speakers or headset. I wish I had plugged Magic Jack into my laptop earlier and I would have saved myself $20 by not buying a phone. My computer headset works just fine.

I have been using a VOIP or voice over ip based phone for some time. I originally ordered my own phone number with Skype to replace my home phone. But the problem was when I called people using Skype, my number displayed on their caller ID was an unidentified phone number and not my phone number. This caller ID problem does not exist with Magic Jack.

The great thing is Magic Jack emails me whenever I get a new voice mail message. This is great when you are at work or in the office. You can also call in to check your voice mail in addition to being email a .wav file.

Although I have not had any problems with my Magic Jack, I would not suggest ordering Magic Jack to replace your main phone. However this works great if you already have a cell phone and do not use your expensive home phone a lot.

Magic Jack is only $50 for 1 year and you get all of this:

  • Unlimited local and long distance
  • Chose your own phone number
  • Call waiting
  • Voice mail
  • Caller ID

This is already an extremely good deal and I don't know how they do it but...

You can even try Magic Jack Free for 30 days!

Click here to visit the Magic Jack website.