If you love keeping in touch with friends and family throughout the United States and Canada, or even in foreign countries, you know how important it is to be signed on with a provider with a plan that gives you the most talk time for your money. Unlimited calling, which has been introduced by several VoIP providers, ensures that you can talk and talk without counting the minutes and wondering just how big a phone bill you are racking up. However, different providers have different unlimited plans and coverage so you also need to be careful when you are evaluating and selecting one. Why not take a close look at Lingo VoIP and see how competitive its rates and features are compared with other VoIP plans in the market.

Lingo VoIP is a provider of VoIP services for both consumers and businesses. When you subscribe, for example to their Lingo World Max, you only pay $4.95 for the first month (this comes with free activation, free equipment and free shipping) and $23.95/month thereafter. You can make clear, unlimited calls within the United States as well as to over 75 countries. Lingo VoIP has over 20 features (some of which are not available with other providers) which include a universal phone number, local number portability, call waiting/forwarding, voice mail, emergency calling (911), and 3-way conference calling. On their website, Lingo VoIP states that they give a 30-day, risk-free refund offer of the paid activation fee so this gives you assurance of a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

If you want the convenience of unlimited calls to your loved ones without worrying about outrageous phone bills, get Lingo VoIP for yourself. You will not need any other phone plan to stay in touch with anyone you know, almost anywhere.

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