Now with Happy Sack, you need not pick up your phone every time it rings just to see who’s calling. Get a good view of your phone’s screen while it is propped up at just the right angle for you. It is a great hands-free stand for your cellphone and works just as well for other mobile devices.

Productivity is greatly affected when one has to pick up a ringing cell phone to answer it. And when you are driving your car, a ringing phone can be a real distraction especially when you cannot see who is calling you unless you pick up the phone.  And if you tried to prop it on something while you’re working or driving, oftentimes the cell phone ends up falling down. Such a waste of energy and time on your end!

Happy Sack lets you prop your cell phone safely on its stand. It is perfectly angled so that you can easily see the screen when the phone rings. Now, you have the option of answering an important call or ignoring it if you think it will affect your productivity.  By using a Happy Sack, your phone is always in plain sight. Gone are the days when your phone would get lost among the papers on your desk, making you spend time looking for it when you need it. Prop the phone up vertically or place it sideways on Happy Sack. Either way, it works.

The Happy Sack works not just with your cell phone but with any mobile device you have like a GPS system, an mp3 player and even a game device like a PSP. You can also place a portable video player on the Happy Sack so your family can enjoy the pleasure of watching movies in the comfort of your car.

Charge your phone while it rests comfortably on Happy Sack. It’s the perfect cushiony beany bag. And it comes in three stylish colors: black, pink and zebra.

Get one of each color for your family members to use and enjoy. The Happy Sack is also a great gift idea for practically anyone.

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