What’s the first impression people get when they call your company?

Telephone greetings made better. A virtual phone system address the need for professionalism. Connects to all office personnel wherever they are. Pick up that call and connect it to an extension. The Grasshopper Group helps you create so much more than just an answering machine.

Get more business by phone. You may currently have a local number yet desire to get more clients from all over the country. Sure, there might be an email address in your website but it would be so much better to have a Toll Free number. You can use any phone number for you to avail of this or make another choice. Learn more.

Prospects decide when they call in whether or not they will buy the product or use the service you are offering. How do you handle these incoming calls? One of the factors that they look for is how professional the company is.

Want to sound like a big company even if you are running things from a home office and the entire group is scattered in all the states?

It's easy. The old style of connecting by operator is out. Even without everybody in the same building, the calls may still be transferred to extensions and have all the features of top corporation.

A virtual phone system is the solution will make a incoming phone call work in your favor.

How would you want to make an excellent first impression when people call?

Say “Hello!” to the Grasshopper Group for unlimited extensions, a name directory, unlimited call handling, and more. Even get to have on hold music. Much as many people hate this, placing the caller on hold to listen to music does give a better impression of the company.

How sophisticated do you want the phone system to be? Do you want call forwarding, screening, or routing? Fax and voice mail services? Would you like to have Information or Q&A extensions?

Take a look at all the plans to see what suits your requirements. The lowest plan starts at $9.95 a month. Free trial for 7 days on all plans.