Call-RecorderI manage a small office and we have has a lot of problems with our employees talking on personal calls. We had suspected for a long time that we had a few employees that did it quite a bit and it began to show in their productivity. Of course, we had no proof and therefore we could not do anything about it. One day the owner came in and we had a meeting., He was tired of people spending hours of their work time talking on personal calls and so he had done a little research and had found out about the Call Recorder Card. We had a meeting on it and decided to go ahead and give it a try.

The whole idea was really good. The phones that we had would somehow be routed to call the number that would connect to the recorder and then the customers phone calls could be placed. The phone calls would all be recorded ad then we would be able to review the phone calls and make sure that our employees had been only talking to customers and not calling their family and friends while they were on company time.

We began using the Call Recorder Card and have since found out that there were certain employees that were real problems. We had a couple that only talked to a few customers in an entire work day, all the rest of their day at work was spent on personal calls. It's no wonder that there work wasn't getting done and they had such bad performance. Since we have been using the Call Recorder Card we have been able to make sure all of our employees are working and we have seen a huge increase in sales. This card has really helped us to weed out the employees that didn't like to work.

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