YouPet, the social networking site that gives you more than just friends for your pet. YouPet has give-ways, contests, and information. If you have a dog, cat, fish, horse, bird, as long as it is your pet, they can join use this YouPet review to JOIN for FREE.

It's not exclusively for dogs - all pets can have a YouPet page. There are distict advantages to being part of YouPet, the global pet community. You might be one of the millions of people who have joined Facebook, but what about your pet? Have an account on a website that is Facebook for pets. Adding pet friends online and have their own YouPet page. Just about any animal can go online to YouPet and have an account.

You can get tips on how to take better care of your pet, the latest pet news, and more. You can play fun games, watch videos, and maybe even make your pet a star! You can even adopt pets near to give them a new and better life. YouPet is a fun and informative site for all pet owners!

Want to win something nice for your pet? Once you sign up to YouPet, they might win one of the contests. They could win Dogswell's Weekly Sweepstakes! The dog winners will get 12 bags of Dogswell jerky, cats will win 12 bags of Dogswell jerky, and all other kinds of animals can receive a $50 Petco Gift Card. There are coupons and deals too at YouPet.

You can meet and greet other animals and people online, have fun testing your mind on the animal trivia and much more. Has your dog been experiencing some unusual behavior? You could probably see why they are acting like that in the behavior articles in YouPet. There are also games at YouPet, the site that makes the owner socialize with other pet owners!

YouPet is more than just a social networking site, it helps you take better care of your pet. Join YouPet now to see all that it has to offer you, the pet owner. Enjoy YouPet, the community that welcomes and links together pets from all over the world.

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