Foul odor caused by the excreta of your pet dog or cat can be very disturbing and unhealthy for you and your family. Sometimes, mopping up isn't enough as the odor lingers especially on rugs and carpets. Urine tends to soak way down into several layers of the carpet and can leave an unpleasant odor if not addressed right away. Pets also tend to re-mark their territory when they smell another pet's urine on an area. You need something that can remove that stain (and odor) quickly and permanently. Urine Gone is a specially-formulated product that uses a fast-acting enzyme action to eradicate the foul odor and stains made by your pet.

Urine Gone's best feature is its enzyme action that immediately works on urine, removing its odor and stain.  Being in liquid form and coming with a sprayer, it can cover a wide area with just one spray. Every order includes 24 ounces of Urine Gone, plus a Black Light Stain Detector which you can use in the dark to detect stained portions of the house. Just as Urine Gone is a good tool in eliminating pet excretions and stains, it also applies to urine excreted by humans - a very good thing to have around when you have toddlers who are not yet totally toilet-trained. Almost always there will be disturbing incidents when your pets are still very young and skittish, but if they happen to sniff on a sprayed surface, your pet will not be affected in any way. This specially-formulated solution is very safe to use because it dries up as soon as it is sprayed on a stained surface.

Urine Gone is truly an effective stain and odor remover for excreta made by both pets and people. Fortunately, it is non-toxic and gives no side effect too. Getting rid of excreted stains and bad odor is easier with an effective product like Urine Gone. Pet owners and their pets can now live and enjoy a healthier and fresher environment at home.

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