UlcerGard For HorsesHorses also get afflictions like humans and they are also affected by stress and behavioral effects. Have you noticed any changes in your prized horses lately? The symptoms you may notice include drastic weight loss, loss of appetite, diarrhea, changes in behavior, low resistance, dull coat, and recurring colic. These symptoms can be caused by stressful events like constant traveling and competition, not taking enough roughage, excessive exercise workouts, lack of rest, and even stall confinement. If your horses exhibit some or all of these symptoms, they might be experiencing symptoms of stomach ulcers called Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS). EGUS can affect the performance and quality of life of your racing and performance horses as it is a painful and discomforting condition. For such situations, UlcerGard For Horses, a non-prescription paste formulation, is effective in the prevention of EGUS.

UlcerGard For Horses is an FDA-approved medication and has been proven to alleviate the ulcer problems in horses. It has a main ingredient called Omeprazole responsible for suppressing the acid production in your horses' stomach. However, UlcerGard For Horses is a preventive measure so that horses do not develop ulcers. If your horse already has stomach ulcers, this condition must be referred to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. UlcerGard For Horses is recommended on horses weighing at least 600 pounds. If your horses weigh less than 600 pounds or if the mare is pregnant, please check with the veterinarian first for the proper dosage to be given.

A more proactive approach to keeping your horses ulcer-free will mean that they can cope with the stress that they will often be made to undergo. UlcerGard For Horses is the best remedy to keep your horses healthy and in top form always. Prevention is always better than constant medication.

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