Now you can walk your dog any time of the day and not have to keep attaching and removing his leash. The EARL - Dog Leash is a retractable leash that stays on your pet’s collar discreetly and out of the way until you need to give him a walk. Then it transforms into a sturdy leash so that you can walk your dog at a moment’s notice.

Dogs love to go for walks and walking them is actually therapeutic for us humans. But oftentimes, it’s those little time-wasters that kill the fun. Don’t you just get a bit frustrated when you cannot find your dog’s leash? The EARL - Dog Leash takes the frustrations away and makes walking your dog so much fun. It comes with its own collar but it also easily attaches to your dog’s collar. Put it there and forget about it. But when you need to walk your dog, simply pull the handle from its housing on the collar. A retractable cord unwinds as you pull the handle away. When your walk is done, simply retract the cord and guide it by hand back into its housing. It’s that simple!

The EARL - Dog Leash is a money saver too! Now you don’t need to buy a long leash and a short leash for different-sized dogs. The EARL - Dog Leash is great for all sizes of dogs because the retractable cord can adjust to any size of dog as well as to your own length. If you are wondering whether the cord is strong enough for the pull of a large dog, the answer is – absolutely! So whether you have a tiny poodle or a large Great Dane, The EARL - Dog Leash is perfect.

The EARL - Dog Leash was designed as an all-around dog leash. Bring it when you are on the road, traveling with your pet, walking with your dog in the park or on the beach. With The EARL - Dog Leash you not only have the leash ready whenever you and your dog are but it’s always at the tip of your fingers.