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Spotless Paw are the gloves to use to clean your pet. FREE extra Spotless Paw! Handy-er than other gloves, Spotless Paw has 6 fingers! Find out why the award-winning design pet cleaning gloves are brilliant with this Spotless Paw review.

The Spotless Paw won an award in 2004 as one of the New Product Showcase Best In Show Winners at the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association's 46th Annual Pet Products Trade Show.

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Spotless Paw is made from microfiber material. This efficiently cleans the paws of your pet dog or cat. Spotless Paw is not just for dogs and cats, you can use them for any kind of pet with fur like horses, bunnies, or even guinea pigs! The material of Spotless Paw is soft and gentle with the absorbency and cleaning ability high-quality microfiber that is machine washable.

Spotless Paw has 6 fingers. This allows it to be used on either hand. No need to figure out which is the left or right glove, just slip it on and you can't go wrong. This feature is great when you are in a hurry to wipe clean the paws of your pet!

Spotless Paw reviewBoth sides of the Spotless Paw can be used. When one side is dirty, use the other! Since both sides can be used, it can be used more.

Spotless Paw eliminates the need to wash their paws. There are many times that you have no access to water and your pet's feet are dirty, like before they enter the car after playing in the park. Keep Spotless Paw in your vehicle so you won't have the dirt go all over the upholstery. Have these gloves by their entrance to your home to prevent the tracks on the floor as you can easily wipe their paws with it!

Spotless Paw can be used for instant clean up. Be it to clean up your pet's body to remove some dirt or reduce the shedding, this is glove to use. What other pet product do you know that will do what Spotless Pet can?

Spotless Paw keeps your hands clean and protected. Using a rag or tissue paper to clean the paws of your pet might make your hands dirty too! There is also the risk of your hands getting smelly too.

You love your pet but don't want to keep on washing your hands whenever you touch them. To be able to do this, use Spotless Paw! There are more reasons to own the Spotless Paw than just paw cleaning. You can handle your pet with them!

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