ShedVacPets, while wonderful to have around the home, can shed a lot. With pets at home, you can spend a lot of time maintaining your home as you need to sweep up all the hair they shed. There are a lot of devices in the market that help you groom your cat or dog's hair but these all end up on the floor and you need to tidy up after the job is done. Here's a handheld device that does the job of grooming your pet's coat while acting as a vacuum cleaner by sucking up all the shed hair so it does not end up on your floor -- ShedVac.

ShedVac is a handheld device that can be held comfortably in one hand. It has rubberized bristles that are soft enough to keep your pet still, enjoying the massage, while you easily groom him and vacuum away all loose hair.  While not totally noiseless, ShedVac is comparatively less noisy than other grooming devices on the market that are so loud, they frighten pets and make them fuss while they are being groomed. ShedVac has a see-through plastic canister in front of the handle that allows you to see the hair as it is being sucked into the ShedVac instead of falling to the floor and messing up your home. When the canister is full, pull it out and empty the contents into the trash bin. The ShedVac is gentle for both cats and dogs. Even kittens and puppies as well as those pets with sensitive skin will be able to tolerate the strokes when using ShedVac.

Spend less time grooming your pets and cleaning up the shed hair afterwards. ShedVac will let you do this and still keep all that hair off your floors.

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