Shampaw Dog WasherDo you have a furry dog or a dog that moves around a lot when you give them a bath, making it hard for you to get into those places that need cleaning? Do you spend more time chasing after your dog or making them behave rather than actually washing them? For those who find it difficult to clean your lovable man’s best-friend, the Shampaw Dog Washer is the solution you’re looking for. Save time, money (basically water) and effort on your part, and give your dog the bath that he needs.

The Shampaw Dog Washer is an easy to use item when washing your dog. First, attach the hose (included) to a water source like your garden faucet, then pull the Shampaw Dog Washer glove onto your hand then strap the other end of the hose to your forearm. After you’ve turned on the water and checked that the valve is in position, you can start to bathe your dog. How is this possible you may be wondering? What happens is that water passes through the hose into the built-in bladder on the Shampaw, spraying water from the dispensing massage nozzle while moving and separating fur without tangling. As the water moves through the glove, watch as it cleanses and rinses your dog. Put on some shampoo and move the glove through the fur as if massaging your dog and watch as your pet stays in place while you are shampooing and washing him. It’s easy, fast and no hassle at all.

With the Shampaw Dog Washer, you can easily groom and care for your dog, removing airbone particles like dust, mold, dander and pollen in seconds. Washing your dog is no longer a wearisome chore. Each bathing session can be seen as just another play session with your dog as you massage him till he’s all clean. After you’ve bathed him, all you have to worry about is towelling him and not getting too wet in the process. Bath time for your dog is no longer something to worry about.

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