A dog is a man’s best friend. But untrained dogs can be a big headache. Learn to train your best friend with Secrets to Dog and see just how well-behaved your dog can become. Avoid embarrassing moments at home or when you are walking your dog. With the techniques you will learn from Secrets to Dog, you will gain a dog who will know how to behave under different situations.

Misbehaved dogs can be a problem and they act this way because they do not know any better. Some common problems with untrained dogs include relieving themselves in the worng places including couches, chasing after strangers, running around the house and breaking household items, and barking incessantly in the middle of the night for no reason at all. Bad behavior makes you, their owner, worry that you may find your house in a mess when you come home. Guests coming to the house add to your concerns when you have a pet who does not know how to behave with strangers.

Daniel Stevens, an internationally renowned and recognized dog trainer, prepared this ebook just for dog owners such as you. All the knowledge that Daniel Stevens accumulated over years of working with dogs is presented in this ebook in a very simple, easy-to-understand manner. The techniques presented here have been tested and proven effective by him.

Secrets to Dog will teach you to communicate in a consistent manner with your dog so that he knows how to behave. Some things you will learn with Secrets to Dog are:

  • Stopping your dog from fighting with other dogs & behaving aggressively
  • House training
  • Correction for behaving badly
  • Training your dog when it is not appropriate to bark
  • Good behavior when there is more than one dog in the house
  • Stopping biting and nipping in public
  • Dealing with cat or car chasing
  • How to stop your dog from eating poop
  • Traveling with dogs
  • Giving commands in a firm, consistent manner your dog will understand
  • How to deal with health issues, including allergies, fleas and heatstroke

Make your dog your best pal instead of constantly scolding him for misbehaving. Your dog will love you even more when it knows what you approve of in his behavior.

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