Puplight Lighted Dog CollarHave you ever found it difficult to find your small dogs inside your house? Ever mistook them for a big rat, a small mop or some kind of dust rag? Want to save yourself from spending countless minutes trying to locate your dogs, most especially when you’re in a hurry? Save yourself from accidentally injuring yourself, others or your dog with the Puplight Lighted Dog Collar.

The Puplight Lighted Dog Collar is a lighted dog collar that fits dogs of all sizes. Use the band extension for your bigger sized dogs, or remove it for your smaller dogs. The light projected from the 3 white LED’s allow you to see your dog from afar, so you and other cars can avoid accidentally running over him, or you can ward off strangers who might not spot your dog. With it’s 2 x 2 collar clip, you can adjust the light right below your dog’s head, keeping the light away from his eyes. It is durable and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about problems with working it. Small and lightweight at 2.5oz, your dogs will not find it a burden, and you can easily replace the AAA batteries when they run out of juice.

Whether it’s to locate your dog that’s lost in your house or lost in the neighborhood, or if you want your dog’s collar to act like a warning hazard for people to keep away from it, the Puplight Lighted Dog Collar will definitely work to the advantage of your dog, yourself and your neighbors. You won’t have to worry about your dog once you get the Puplight Lighted Dog Collar. It will ward off people, other unfriendly dogs, and other wild animals. His collar will also be great company for when you’re walking your dog at night, so the Puplight Lighted Dog Collar acts like a mini flashlight towards where you’re walking.

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