Is jogging at night with your dog something you look forward to? Then you both need to keep safe from vehicles along roads so you can enjoy bonding time safely with your best friend. Get your dog a Pup Light. It will keep your dog safe as he jogs alongside you. Both of you become visible from afar to vehicles traveling along roads and highways, making your exercise time with your pet safe and enjoyable.

The Pup Light was designed so that your dog is always visible on and off-leash. For something so small, the Pup Light comes with 3 ultra bright white LEDs. It keeps vehicles away from your dog while lighting your dog’s path as well, allowing him to avoid uneven sidewalks, holes, slippery surfaces and other hazards that may be in the way. Because the light is very bright, older dogs with cataracts or problems with their eyesight can still clearly see where they are going. A rim keeps the bright light from shining in his eyes. The light also scares away wild animals that could be lurking.

Pup Light uses three AAA batteries only. That is a lot cheaper than other dog light products. It can be powered by rechargeable batteries as well, giving a charge of up to 150 hours. The light forms a halo around your pet, not just a focused light. That makes him more visible at night.

Long-haired dogs will benefit a lot from Pup Light. Their long hair covers most of the light from lighted collars. But the design of the Pup Light’s fur guard keeps hair away from light so that its full effect can be seen from as far away as 3 blocks from the front and 1.5 blocks from behind. The collar is easily attached or removed and has an elastic band that is both rugged and water-resistant as it’s made of polycarbonate plastic and nylon.

Enjoy those pleasurable, long walks with your dog while keeping both of you safe. With the Pup Light, you can do just that any time, even during the winter when darkness sets in early.