ProMeris Flea Remover for CatsAn infestation of fleas can be a real nuisance to your cat and if left untreated can cause some serious health problems. It’s difficult to control flea outbreaks that are already in progress and tough to control future ones without some type of medication, but ProMeris Flea Remover for Cats is an easy way to ensure that your cat remains free of these annoying and potentially harmful pests.

ProMeris flea remover for cats is a topical treatment to control flea outbreaks and it is very easy to use, all you need to do is apply the liquid directly on the fur between the shoulder blades as directed and this safe and effect treatment will keep your cats protected for a full month. If applied as directed, there is very little risk of any side effects and Promeris flea remover for cats is waterproof so regardless of what you feline companion gets into, you can be sure that they will be protected.

ProMeris flea remover for cats isn’t designed to be a temporary solution to a flea infestation, the powerful combination of ingredients is designed to immediately cause paralysis and death in the fleas that are present which completely eliminates the immediate threat - and it also works to prevent future infestations for thirty days after application.

ProMeris flea remover for cats comes in simple to use, single dose applicators within the package, so you don’t have to worry about measuring dosages or the risk of potentially giving your beloved cat too much medication.

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