How to clean and whiten a pet’s teeth?

Canine and feline dental hygiene made more efficient and simpler. A spray-on formula will remove the plaque, whiten the teeth, and give your pet nice smelling breath. Cleaning your pet’s teeth using a spray method is a lot more preferable than others, not just for the pet owner but also for the dog or cat.

If you want to stop brushing the teeth of your dog or cat and get it whiter - the solution is to use PlaqueBlast.

Routine dental hygiene

What are the ways to clean a dog’s teeth? Brushing it, dental chews, and taking them to the vet are the typical methods to use. Brushing it is a daily routine - if you could simply spray-on a formula to get rid of tartar, plaque, and bacteria ... how easy it that be? Now, it can be done with the special formulation of PlaqueBlast.

More than just cleaning

Whitening a dog’s teeth is something that you might have never even dreamed of doing. If you may clean and whiten their teeth at the same time, the main purpose shall be accomplished and your pet will look better with pearly white and healthier teeth.

Freshens breath

It’s nice to cuddle your pet but there are times you can't stand the smell their breath. They don’t know that they have bad breath and there is nothing they can do about it. To keep them well-groomed may sometimes become such a chore. Lighten the load, do it more efficiently, and have a pet with a breath that smells good by caring for their teeth with Plaque Blast.

More than routine cleaning

For regular cleaning, it is recommended that it should be sprayed on once a day.

To clean heavily soiled teeth, the pet may be brought to the vet for professional teeth cleaning or be treated with PlaqueBlast twice or thrice a day.

How much would it cost to buy such a highly effective pet dental hygiene formula? Are you willing to pay thirty, forty, even fifty dollars a month to get their teeth white and clean plus for them to get rid of bad breath? Have no worries as it is very inexpensive.

It only costs $10 for 2 bottles of Plaque Blast. At five dollars a bottle, you can give the best care to your pet’s teeth. You will also receive a free Crazy Critters stuffed toy for every order.