Just like humans, dogs also accumulate plaque on their teeth. Part of taking care of our pet dogs is also ensuring that their teeth are always clean and free of plaque which can be the cause of other diseases. With Plaque Blast Dog Dental Spray, removing plaque from your dog’s teeth becomes so easy. A simple spray into his mouth controls the build-up of tartar, plaque and bacteria.

Playing and hugging our pet dogs can be a very enjoyable experience. But you have probably experienced bad breath when you are too close to your dog. That is a sign of plaque build-up on his teeth. And if that is not properly removed, it could be a source of bacteria growth and could cause illness in your beloved pet. Vets do dental cleaning on pets but just like the effect of a dental visit on a small child, dental cleaning on dogs can be scary and traumatic for them.


A simpler and effective way is to use Plaque Blast Dog Dental Spray. You need not go to a vet. At home or anywhere you please, just spray Plaque Blast Dog Dental Spray on your dog’s teeth. The effect is instant. Your dog’s breath smells fresh, the bacteria accumulating around the teeth is controlled, and with regular use, you will notice that his teeth actually become whiter and brighter aside from remaining plaque-free. Plaque Blast Dog Dental Spray contains absolutely no alcohol which can be bad for your pet so it is very safe to spray on your dog, regardless of size and age.

The health and wellbeing of your dog is very important to keep him happy, loving and well. And for someone as busy as you, you want to ensure that your dog’s teeth are kept clean and bacteria-free without the additional hassle of regularly bringing him for teeth cleaning. Plaque Blast Dog Dental Spray does the job for you. Now, you can play with your beloved dog any time and place your face close to his to show your love for him. His breath will always smell fresh and clean – a sign that Plaque Blast Dog Dental Spray is working while you play.