Plaque accumulation on teeth has been proven hazardous to the health of humans and likewise, that same plaque on the teeth of your dog or cat, if left unattended, places your pet not only at risk of gum ailments but complications can arise in other organs such as the liver, kidney and heart. Protect your dog or cat from plaque-related ailments by using Plaque Attack, a triple care dental spray that sprays away plaque and bacteria. Protect your pets before their health is affected.

The all-natural human grade ingredients in Plaque Attack are totally safe and effective for pets. These fight plaque and bacteria that cause bad breath in all breeds of dogs and cats, regardless of size. All you need to do is spray Plaque Attack into the mouth, specifically under the tongue, of your dog or cat. This eliminates other techniques for cleaning pets’ mouths like trying to brush their teeth while struggling to keep their mouths open. Once the spray’s ingredients mix with your pet’s saliva, it starts working on the mouth and teeth, coating the teeth while breaking up bacteria, plaque and tartar that lead to bad breath and gum disease. Regular use of Plaque Attack always leaves your dog or cat with fresh breath. Isn’t it so much nicer to play with them and put your face close to theirs without having to worry about their bad breath?

Right now they have an offer to double your supply of Plaque Attach from a 3-month to a 6-month supply plus $100 worth of redemption gift cards. This offer is only available online and cannot be found in stores.

Take care of your pets’ health. It’s not just good grooming and good diet that will keep them healthy but taking care that they don’t have plaque build-up in their mouth. Plaque Attack will help you get rid of your pets’ plaque.

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