PetZoom Bathe n GroomDo you love grooming your dog or cat but sometimes it’s a little picky about what kind of dog brush grooming tool they would like to use? Do you ever have difficulty bathing your pet puppy or kitty as you have to reach out for the shampoo and open or close the faucet? Have you ever chased your pet when it tries to escape while bathing? Does it ever happen that the pet grooming tool that you use is not very good and there still is a lot of matting that remains after a serious brushing session? This is a dilemma that many dog and cat owners have in common and they still end up being forced to bring their pet to the grooming salon.

You might have spent a lot of money on the various brushes and new grooming tools for your pet but maybe are not aware that with the PetZoom Bathe n Groom you won’t have to worry about buying anymore. The PetZoom Bathe n Groom tool is far better than other bristle brushes and other similar pet grooming products that may pull out the fur and hurt your dog’s skin. It gently goes through your pet’s fur to take out dirt and shedding while massaging their skin.

After brushing, there is no need to use your fingers or anything to pick out all the fur, since now all you have to do is click the button on the handle then all the fur that is stuck to the brush comes right off. The PetZoom Bathe n Groom pet product can turn into a hose that flows water and soap to clean your dog perfectly. The shampoo reservoir can hold enough shampoo for multiple washings while you can easily change the option for this pet grooming tool to deliver water for rinsing. The PetZoom Bathe n Groom tool even has a soap dial to control how much shampoo you use.

The housing of the PetZoom Bathe n Groom tool is four feet long and easily connects to a faucet or hose and is one of the most innovative pet grooming products available. The comfort grip handle lets you use only one hand for the whole grooming process while your other hand can hold your dog or cat, making bathing time so much more easier and a lot more fun. You won’t have to worry about any more water on the bathroom floor, wasting water or shampoo, or mess from the fur after brushing since the PetZoom Bathe n Groom pet grooming tool makes it all easier for you and even while you are soaping your pets fur the massaging tips give it a deep cleaning.

PetZoom Bathe n GroomWhen you have quality grooming tools, taking care of your pet dog or cat will be much easier. New pet dog and cat products such as the PetZoom Bathe n Groom tool can help you make your pet clean, smelling nice and have more beautiful and shiny fur. Why not let your pet enjoy their bathing experience even more by giving them the PetZoom Bathe n Groom tool today?

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