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If you are using natural products and want to do the same for your pet because you are aware of the benefits they can get, you'll be amazed by the fabulous inventory at this specialty pet store. From head to paw your pet can be groomed with organic shampoo and conditioner and treated with a sprinkle of anti flea and tick powder.

Holistic health for your pets tends to their physical and mental well being. We know that stress may affect a dog or cat, and they do get depressed like us. Dog anxiety is quite common, and it's good to supply them with these natural products such as supplements to help them get rid of these kinds of problems the natural way.

Older petizens have health problems such as arthritis. If you have an old pet, there are supplements and pet food that will help their relieve the pain.

PetWellbeing products were developed by Dr. Maria Luiza Romano, DVM, M.Sc; ND, B.Sc; and Ayurvedic Physician Dr. L.M. Wijesundera, MD. along with other veterinarians, naturopaths, and doctors. All products are made in a certified organic processing facility .

Since 2005, PetWellbeing Holistic Pet Products has been helping dogs and cats get healthier, find cures, and relief from common ailments. With a holistic approach, the care that you can give your pet encompasses more that that from those ordinary pet stores.

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