PetVac Vacuum Pet GroomerKeeping up with cleaning the house can be difficult if you’ve got even one short haired pet, if you’ve got a long haired dog or cat or multiple pets in your home it’s practically impossible to keep up with the mess caused by shedding.

Your furniture, clothing and carpets get covered with lost hair which, besides from creating an unsightly mess, can lead to allergy attacks for your family and guests. No one has the time for the constant brushing; vacuuming and sweeping it would take to actually eliminate the problem. With the PetVac Grooming system you can make your home clean enough that no one would ever suspect that you had long haired pets, without the cost of professional grooming.

Taking your pet to a groomer for a trim and a bath will get rid of loose hair and odor, but with the price of each visit it’s not a practically method of keeping your home free of pet hair. The PetVac Grooming system allows you to quickly and effectively groom your dog or cat at home for a fraction of the cost.

The PetVac is so simple that anyone can use it and it comes equipped with the attachments to quickly and easily to hook right up to your household vacuum cleaner. The hose is long enough that your vacuum can be placed all the way in the next room so your grooming can be done far enough away from the noise that even skittish pets will remain calm.

The PetVac provides a quick, affordable and easy to use solution to the problems of pet hair and dander – and it works equally well for wet or dry pets, so you can use it right after you’ve given your pet a bath. Anyone who wants a clean and pet hair free home shouldn’t be without the PetVac Grooming system.

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