Your pets probably love to be taken around in your car – whether it is just to neighbors, to the park, grocery or even out of town. Enjoy your rides with your pets without having to worry about upholstery tears from their sharp nails, getting your car dirtied from accidents or getting pet hair all over. With Pet Rider, you have the ultimate protection for your car upholstery so that your pets and you can travel anywhere, anytime, worry-free. Made of stain-resistant material, Pet Rider installs easily in a car, SUV or van and is just as easily removed.

Taking our pets out for a ride can be such a joy. They also love it when you bring them around as pets also love the outdoors and change of scenery. But with no protection, your car upholstery could get tears from their sharp nails as they move along the front or back seat. Hair can also be a big problem especially for pets that shed a lot. Just imagine the vacuuming and clean-up you will need to do afterwards! And there is the occasional accident – when your pet relieves himself on your car during long drives. Stains can get very nastily permanent and difficult to remove, not to mention the smell of urine.

Pet Rider is a revolutionary pet seat cover. Its material is both hair- and stain-resistant, making it the ideal protection for your car seats. It only takes seconds to install it over the seat of a car, truck or van. Whether they are bucket seats, bench seats or SUV back seats, the Pet Rider fits perfectly. It’s got seatbelt slits too so the straps easily slip through the material.

Cleaning up is so easy. Detach from car seat, fold up and remove. Your car seats are as clean as ever. And because the Pet Rider is waterproof, dirt and hair wash off easily and dry quickly.

Get your very own Pet Rider now and start taking those long drives with your pets. It is a wonderful bonding time for you, your children and your loved pets.