Pet FlexDo you have a small pet at home but you constantly find it difficult to tend to him whenever he gets wounded or hurt? Do you find it hard to find a bandage that will stay on even when your finicky pets can’t stay still? Are you looking for something that will give your pet the proper support that will help him heal quickly, but will also be durable enough so that even when he moves around, he won’t be troubled? Do you want to find something that will stick and won’t peel off even when he moves or he does his usual routines? Then why not try Pet Flex, a flexible cohesive bandage for small pets.

Pet Flex comes in a variety of colors so your dog will always look cool even when he’s wearing bandages It’s strong, with 15 pounds of tensile strength. The controlled compression of Pet Flex will not constrict your pet’s wounds or legs as he moves around. Also, Pet Flex is made up of easy-tear technology so if you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about looking for scissors. Just grab and tear and it’ll just tear right off. It’s also sweat and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it coming off if ever he gets the wound wet. Wrap the wounded area with Pet Flex and make sure there’s room for your pet to stretch. You can let him do his usual routines, minus the strenuous activities, and he’s good to go. It’s more of a band-aid for pets than a band-aid, but more durable. It does not stick to skin or hair and always stays in place, so your pet will be provided with the proper support to make sure his wound will heal faster. .

It comes in a 4 x 5 yard roll that not only comes in various colors, but also comes in various designs, so your pet will always look their very best. It comes in latex and fabric. Get your pet the reliable Pet Flex, for cool and fashionable wounded pets.

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