OtomaxEar infections affect your pets the very same way that they affect humans - they are painful and very unpleasant to deal with. So when your dog is suffering from an acute ear infection or chronic ear infections, you want to get an affected medication administered as soon as possible to help get them the relief that they need.

Otomax ear infection medication for pets is a prescription medication that is approved for veterinary use and proven to work as an effective treatment for both acute and chronic ear infections. Otomax ear infection medication for pets is very easy to apply, with a liquid consistency all it takes is a few drops to the infected ear as directed for the much needed relief for your pet.

Medicated ointments are said to have a longer contact time with the infected area so many people believe that they produce better results, but the application process can be difficult and messy – Otomax ear infection medication for pets gets applied like a solution (which is much easier), but has the contact time of an ointment so it has maximum effectiveness in fighting the infection.

When used as directed by a veterinarian in a pet that has know allergy to the individual ingredients, Otomax has a very high rate of effectiveness with reasonably limited risk of negative side effects and you really couldn’t ask for a medication that is this effective without being difficult to apply. If you pet has an acute bacterial ear infection or suffers from chronic infections, you should definitely talk to your veterinarian about Otomax ear infection medication for pets.

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