My BFF are live fish that you can hatch from eggs to be your new BFF - Best Fish Friends! Kids will love this fish growing kit! Discover the marvelous way to own pet fist with this MY BFF review.

It's an amazing experience to watch something start from beginning and My BFF provides you and your kids with the opportunity to do so. Children and adults alike will be enthralled by seeing the fish hatch from eggs. If you remember owning Sea Monkeys, this will be nearly the same experience but you don't have to wait for days!

Enter into the captivating world of hatching and growing fish right before your very eyes with My BFF! In 24 hours, the new fish will be hatched!

Owning My BFF is better than buying live fish. Before this fish growing kit was invented, buying them live was the typical way to own fish. This My BFF review does more than provide you with a fish growing kit, it helps you find a way to make a child become more responsible as they would need to take care of their new pet fish. The fact is, since they will see the fish from the moment it hatches, a child will gain from having a nurturing nature as they attend to the needs of the new fish.

There are many new toy product reviews that help educate your child but only a few can compare to the world of discovery provided by My BFF. As the fish grow, they get larger fins and bodies plus the colors get more vibrant. A kid will know each fish by heart and get to identify them from each other because they observed them closely from the minute they were born. A child will become more curious and seek to learn more about fish facts. They will remain fascinated with their new Best Friend Fish and not tire of them.

The My BFF fish growing kit is complete and has all that you need to grow and take care of the fish. Growing My BFF is easy and kids of all ages will love the 8 wonderful new Best Friend Fish that they can own.