If you have cats as pets and you want them to get their exercise without ruining your furniture with their scratchings or finding that they had just ripped apart your curtains out of boredome, check the Mouse Chaser, an battery-operated funhouse that will keep your cat occupied for long hours, getting them the exercise they need and keeping them out of your furniture, curtains and upholstery.

Mouse Chaser is a circular toy with a toy mouse inside that runs around when a built-in motion sensor (a red light inside the bowl) senses the cat approaching. It also stops when your cat stands still or moves away. Just watch as your cat tries to catch the “mouse” inside through openings in the enclosed plastic bowl that are strategically located on the sides and top. As the mouse runs around and around, your cat will naturally be attracted to the movement and its instinct will be to go after the “mouse", poking its paws in every angle through those openings just to catch its prey. Because the built-in sensor stops the mouse when it senses no movement, battery life is saved. The Mouse Chaser also has a scratch pad on the top of the bowl which is completely safe and just perfect for your cat to dig his claws into.

With your order of Mouse Chaser you also get a 12-in-1 laser pointer. With it, you can do a light show on the floor that will likewise entertain your cat. See him run around, following the light, and trying to pounce on it. This is an alternate entertainment for your pet aside from the Mouse Chaser.

With these two toys, you and your cat can have a lot of bonding time. When you tire of letting him play with the laser pointer, leave him alone with the Mouse Chaser. It keeps your cat busy and occupied in just one place instead of roaming around and on top of your valuable furniture.

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