The Litterbot is here to save the day! Are you tired of having to kneel down to the floor and cleaning up the stinky cat litter boxes every day? Do you wish something else could just do it for you to more have time on your hands and not have to inhale that stench?

The Litterbot is a self-cleaning cat litter box. Forget about scooping a filthy litter box. Cleaning the Litterbot is simple as taking out the trash and putting a new trash bag. If you have one cat, you can clean it out once a week. If you have more than one feline friend, it would be necessary to dispose of it at least twice a week.

Your cat can't help it - they need to use the toilet and they can't help if their poop is smelly. Luckily, the Litterbot helps keeps that bad smell away and works with any clumping litter. How would great would it be to have a self cleaning litter box? That's why there's the Litterbot.

Cats are normally quite easy pets to take care of, but when it comes to when they have to go, it's not quite a pleasing job to do. The cat-activated operation will start automatically 7 minutes after the cat leaves the Litterbot to eliminate the smell and odor by containing it in the bottom drawer.

Your cat might not like just any litter box especially if it was lacking privacy while they were doing their business out in the open air. Let them have peace and quiet as they do their short and long business trips without having anyone staring at them and scrunching their nose from the odor.

You might be busy working, cleaning, or studying to clean thoroughly that smelly and dirty cat litter box. And, coming home after a long hard day, you don't want to have to scoop through the litter to clean the poop. Coming to a home that smells stinky won't be good for you or your guests. Plus, the smell of cat urine can be dangerous to pregnant women.

Cats, like humans, like to do their business in a nice and clean place in the comfort that no one is watching and that hopefully no one will see it afterwards. And you will also save money since the Litterbot will save buying new kitty litter as while it is sifting during the self-cleaning process.

Buy the Litterbot, the automatic litter box that helps you take better care of your pet.

And, if you need a new litter box but the area in which you will place it has no access to electricity, Litterbot has a new one which is the KITTY A GOGO litter box! It has a pull-out tray, a sifter rake, to make it easier to scoop out the clumps and dispose.

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