Have you heard about the Litter Robot cat poop toilet, the only self-cleaning litter-box? There's now an upgraded version of this cat poop toilet. If you own a cat or knows someone that does, this Litter Robot 2 review gives you an overview of the improvements made to the ideal cat poop toilet for our feline friends.

Cat owners buy certain pet products that serve as a targeted solution to the most common problems of caring for a cat. Some of the must-haves are cat scratches and cat trees. Perches are also good to have so our pets can look out the window and a cat bed makes sure that they have a comfortable sleep.

Yet, the most bothersome chore is that of cleaning the litter box. What those old-style litter boxes do is just provide them a certain place to do their thing and we still have to scoop out the mess for disposal.

And, the smell of a used litter box is very unpleasant. The pet urine permeates the air and even if we cover the litter box, use deodorizers, or provide air circulation, the foul odor still lingers. Now, these problems that we have to deal are solved with the Litter Robot cat poop toilet.

Here's the Litter Robot 2 review's video to discover how this cat poop toilet works!

Cat do have got to go potty on a daily basis. The Litter Robot 2 makes taking care of your pet a lot easier and makes using the kitty litter a better experience for them as the litter is going to be clean, and you don't have to do it!

How would you like to have that malodorous task done by a highly efficient and space age designed machine?

The Litter Robot 2
Winner of: Best High-Tech Robotic Cat Litter Box

This automated cat litter box has a unique litter sifting system. This works to dispose the waste into the drawer in the bottom.

Every time the Litter Robot 2 cat poop toilet is used, the litter is cleaned with this sifting process which less effort on our part than  having to flush the toilet as it is automated.

The bottom drawer is lined with a bag for the waste to drop into in and facilitate easy disposal. The size of this drawer is quite large and can store the waste for several days without one smelling any foul odor. With the Litter Robot 2 cat toilet there is no more scooping out the waste.

The first Litter Robot model has been remarkable improved. Though the original space age design that makes this cat poop toilet very pleasing to look at has not changed, the materials it is made out of has.

The Litter Robot 2 is made out of eco-friendly materials in line with the Go Green policy of the manufacture. And, the disposable bags that line the storage drawer for the waste is now biodegradable.

The Litter Robot 2 has a Bubble Unit which features a skylight to allow the entry of natural light to the chamber. This skylight window extends the front to back depth by 3 inches.

Cats are independent animals. This Litter Robot 2 cat poop toilet review provides enormous benefits for you and your pet. Get rid of the misery of having to deal with cat poop on a daily basis and help them do their thing with privacy and a clean surface of kitty litter to use when you buy a Litter Robot 2.