Losing a well-loved pet can leave anyone in pain. You feel like you’ve lost a family member and a constant, faithful companion.  A friendship between man and his pet built over many years has many lasting memories. When that special friend leaves, you would want to keep the memory of that beloved pet alive.  The Lasting Memory Paw, a weather- resistant photo holder in a unique paw print shape is the best way to keep a lasting memory of your cherished pet with you.

The Lasting Memory Paw is made of resin and crafted to have an authentic stone look and feel.  It has a photo holder that holds the picture of your pet. Engraved on the top is a special inscription that says: “Our hearts still ache in sadness, and secret tears still flow.  What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know.”

Made to withstand any season of the year, the Lasting Memory Paw  will look good indoors or outdoors.  Put it on the mantle. Hang it by the front door. Every time you pass and see it, you'll remember all the good times you shared with your good buddy.  Your pet may have had a favorite spot in the garden. Leave the Lasting Memory Paw there to serve as a memorial of the times he lay under the shade of a tree or near the driveway waiting for you to arrive from work. The Lasting Memory Paw also looks great hanging on the wall as a beautiful accent to compliment your home décor.  Wherever you decide to put it, the Lasting Memory Paw will always bring a smile to your face as you remember the good times you spent together.

Family and visitors will see the special places in your home that continue to speak of your love for your beloved pet. Each Lasting Memory Paw is a testament to that. You will all love looking at your dog or cat's picture over and over for many years to come.

The Lasting Memory Paw is also a perfect gift for a friend who has lost a well-loved pet. Get one for both of you! You get bigger savings if you order a second or third piece.  This is not available in stores so make sure that you place your order now.  Keep those wonderful memories of your favorite pet alive every day, all day, with the Lasting Memory Paw.