K9 AdvantixIf you have problems with your dog going out into your backyard or out for a walk and coming back in with fleas or ticks, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Flea and Tick bites are painful, irritating to the skin and can transfer disease – this is something that your dog needs protection from.

K9 Advantix offers an easy to apply, but very powerful and fast acting method of protecting man’s best friend from the pain, itching and danger associated with flea and tick bites. Within less than five minutes, K9 Advantix stops fleas from biting, providing almost immediate relief to your dog and this powerful formula kills 98%+ of fleas within the first twelve hours.

K9 Advantix also works to repel mosquitoes, which combined with the powerful protection against fleas and ticks, can protect your dog from many of the disease carrying threats that they could encounter outdoors on a day to day basis.

One simple application of K9 Advantix will protect your day for a full month, and K9 Advantix is waterproof so it will keep repelling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes even after dips in the lake or baths.

Your dog is a loyal and faithful companion who would do anything for you, but dogs can’t protect themselves from the pain, irritation and potential dangers associated with flea, tick or mosquito bites – with one quick and easy application you can provide your dog with the protections he or she needs to remain safe through the trips to the infested woods or even out in your backyard during flea and tick season.

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